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Jack McGowan: Energy Engineer to Plein Air Painter

22 Nov 2021 9:00 AM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

It's always good to see how members transitioned from their previous life to plein air painting.  Jack was recently given a Hall of Fame inductee spotlight in the magazine of the Association of Energy Engineers. Please read the attached: pages 17 - 19.

The article includes: 

You’re retired, but are you still working? After four decades, I still love the work. So I find time to serve on two Corporate Boards of energy companies. But now I can spend more time on an old passion – Plein Air oil painting. My path to this moment is atypical for either a CEM or a Plein Air Painter. My profound appreciation for our planet gave me the conviction for professional success and now drives my passion for painting.


Has your lifelong career impacted your creativity in retirement? The passion for preserving resources, and the environment, is not something you turn off. Beginning painting again helps me continue to put a spotlight on that passion. My goal is to create images that reflect the beauty of our environment, my love of mountain landscapes, and hopefully tug at the viewer’s heartstrings just a little bit. I hope my paintings motivate viewers to value and question the environment and energy consumption behavior. If that is the case, I may continue to positively impact the planet in a small way, just as I did as an AEE member.

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